Inception Lighting Services

Innovative LED Color-changing Lighting

At Inception Lighting by Grant Lawn & Decor Services, our team of professional decorators will install innovate, LED lighting that changes colors to create the ambiance you want that fits your mood, holiday, or celebration. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is! The lighting is weatherproof and can be installed permanently with customize colors, timer options, and program light sequences year-round. Plus, it’s practical and affordable!

Use inception lighting applications for:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Municipal

Control from Anywhere at Anytime

With our high-tech control solutions, inception lighting can be controlled by localized, on-site controllers, or from your computer or mobile device using cloud-based technology. We can also establish controls for you to manage lighting in several buildings and at multiple locations.

LED for Low Energy and Cost-savings

LED lighting is changing the game. The cost-saving LED lights are housed inside a decorative molding that blends in with the architecture. To get started, view our portfolio of ideas and identify some decorating examples that you would want on your property. Then call us for an appointment at 770.760.0973. Our design specialists will come to your residence or business to discuss all the creative ways we can transform your landscape.

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