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Discover Stunning Beauty with Outdoor Lighting

Grant Lawn & Decor Services, Inc. provides outdoor lighting decor that offers both stunning beauty and function. With our outdoor lighting décor, you can enjoy your outdoor living space after dark and year-round.

We have three service offerings to handle all your outdoor lighting needs: Christmas Decor, Nite Time Decor, and Inception Lighting. As a franchisee in the East Metro Atlanta area, we have access to cutting edge technology that allows us to offer you the best products in the industry. Combine that with quality training in lighting and great customer service and you are sure to have an amazing experience as we transform your outdoor living space!

There are many reasons why our clients have turned to us over the last two decades. A well-designed and professionally-installed landscape and architectural lighting system can:

  • Enhance the curb appeal of the front of your property
  • Create a resort-like feel of outdoor areas
  • Upgrade the safety of your property by lighting treacherous walkways
  • Improve the security of dark areas
  • Enrich the beauty of existing architecture and landscaping

We will work with you directly to create a magical transformation of your property!

Nite Time Decor

At Nite Time Decor by Grant Lawn & Decor Services, our outdoor lighting designs provide both beauty and function. Outdoor lighting helps provide year-round enjoyment when your living space is extended outdoors. It enhances the architecture of your home or business, which in turn increases the curb appeal, and outdoor lighting helps to increase your security.

Nite Time Decor by Grant Lawn & Decor Services uses a technique called ‘lighting portrait’, where we create a stunning design using the characteristics of your property while evaluating varying levels of light to properly-placed lighting fixtures. Please view our photo gallery to see examples of our designs.

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Christmas Decor

We can beautifully transform the look and feel of your property after dark during the holidays! One of the best benefits of having Christmas Decor by Grant Lawn & Decor Services provide your outdoor holiday lighting is to reduce the stress so you can maximize your enjoyment. We’ll do everything! From design and installation to proactive service and takedown and storage, you’ll appreciate our great customer service and the peace of mind that everything for your outdoor holiday decorating is handled.

Please view our photo gallery to see examples of our holiday lighting designs and be sure to contact us before the holiday season begins (before the end of September is best).

Inception Lighting

With Inception Lighting by Grant Lawn & Decor Services, you will be able to create the ambiance you want with color-changing lighting. This innovative LED technology is the perfect solution to fit your mood, season, and celebration.

When it comes to a practical and affordable way to change the color of your lighting, Nite Time Decor by Grant Lawn & Decor Services installs Inception Lighting.

View our photo gallery to see examples of these designs.

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